Welcome IEDA Group Members!

PreCise and IEDA

Discover better ways to maintain your heavy equipment fleet and enjoy member discounted pricing! 

At PreCise® MRM our goal is to help make your business as efficient and profitable as possible. We offer a comprehensive view of your equipment, allowing you to enhance operational efficiency, and keep jobs on task and on schedule. We equip you with the ability to monitor where your equipment is at all times, as well as recognize unauthorized use of equipment, stay abreast of maintenance needs to protect your investment, and improve customer service by granting your customers ongoing accurate data.

PreCise MRM is proud to be a preferred associate member of IEDA and offer member discounted pricing. Best of all, IEDA customers are seeing a return on their investment by using our solution.



Valued at over $90, this FREE trial offer gives you the opportunity to experience first-hand the industry's most accurate and advanced fleet management solution. No strings attached! A total of 5 FREE Trials will be given to IEDA members. BONUS! Receive a complimentary camo hat just for registering to win.

Be sure to register for your chance to win! Email us at sales@precisemrm.com with your company name, contact name, mailing address, and contact information to be entered to win. Camo hat will be sent to mailing address provided.