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PreCise Information Management uses GPS technology to automatically communicate key vehicle operations to authorized personnel. With PreCise, you can easily view vehicle and equipment accessory activities and vehicle locations through customizable Cellular and/or Wireless Network technologies (WiFi or GPRS). This information is easily transferred to a secured Internet site for use in maintaining efficient operations.

PreCise hardware differs from most GPS-based solutions in that it was originally designed for commercial/heavy-duty equipment applications instead of consumer use. It is an ideal solution for heavy-duty municipality applications for both extreme heat and cold.

  • Automatically downloads data upon return to home location at end of day or end of shift
  • Ideal for non-sensitive reporting needs
  • Post activity/event reporting
  • Utilizes wireless access points
  • Provides data while vehicle is still in the field
  • Reports at pre-set intervals
  • Provides more immediate activity/event data
  • Utilizes cellular network, eliminates need for wireless access point
  • Designed to continue gathering data outside your cellular coverage data
Open architecture standards were used when designing PreCise hardware and software. As a result, PreCise can operate as a standalone solution, or easily integrate with your existing business system, and the data can even be imported into a variety of systems including GIS applications.

Combine the WiFi and GPRS models for a more complete solution.

PreCise hardware can be purchased with both WiFi and/or Cellular capabilities built in and function in parallel. When using the system in this manner, if your equipment is within range of your WiFi antenna, it would automatically use this system to report. If the WiFi antenna is not in range, the system would then utilize the GPRS cellular network to automatically connect and report the vehicle’s activity.

Gather user-defined information

Transmit data via cellular or WiFi

Data stored on a secure server

Data accessed by the user via any web browser

A complete information management solution