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Municipalities are tasked with managing large fleets of vehicles such as snowplows, street sweepers, waste collectors, lane stripers and vegetation management. But in addition to mapping out routes for the day, wouldn’t you love a glimpse at what your vehicles are actually doing during operation? After all, the general public relies heavily on your fleet to be reliable and help make our streets clear and safe. With PreCise™ Information Management, you can collect and analyze key municipality data points, making it easy to:

  • Respond to travelers’ requests for current and safe driving routes
  • Spend less time on paperwork/EPA reporting
  • Increase efficiency during storm planning, resource management and fleet deployment
  • Have a detailed and accurate defense during Tort claims

With PreCise, you’ll know:

What was my snowplow doing?

  • Front plow, wing plow, belly scraper up/down
  • Amount, type, location of material applied
  • Drive time vs. idle time
  • Road/air temperature on route
  • Proof of priority route coverage
  • Evidence where your vehicles should be
  • And more

What was my sweeper doing?

  • Broom hours swept
  • Brooms on/off
  • Broom wear
  • Water spray system on/off
  • Hopper dumps
  • And more

What was my waste collection truck doing?

  • Hopper dump
  • Drive time/idle time
  • Route coverage/speed
  • And more

What was my lane striper doing?

  • Route coverage
  • Paint on/off
  • Amount/line configuration/location of applied material
  • Support vehicle tracking
  • And more

What was my vegetation management truck doing?

  • Sprayer on/off
  • Spray location and coverage
  • Mower on/off and up/down
  • Route coverage/speed
  • And more