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Because PreCise Information Management gives you immediate access to complete and accurate vehicle data, you can quite easily maximize profitability and performance by increasing your operation’s overall productivity and efficiency. Here’s how:

Generate more rental income
  • Monitor hour meters and create usage profiles and reports
  • Bill for unauthorized usage when renting for fixed shifts or monthly hours
  • Know when your equipment is still on the job site
Improve customer service
  • Better estimating time of arrival and duration on site
  • Proof of equipment usage for better invoicing, and backup data for collections
  • Validation of equipment usage if a rental customer disputes an invoice
Maintain your equipment
  • Plan for what vehicle resources you need
  • Create custom preventive maintenance schedules
  • No more missing maintenance windows
  • Schedule multiple services in the same geographic area
  • Schedule technicians when equipment is not running
  • Maximize equipment uptime
  • Prepare a more accurate maintenance budget for the year
  • Keep equipment running safely and effectively
Reduce litigation costs
  • No more estimating location and activity
  • Theft recovery
Increase accuracy of information
  • No more guesswork
  • Detailed documentation available for implementation
  • Information automatically collected
  • Helps eliminate human error in data entry and collection

Generate more rental income

Improve Customer Service

Reduce Litigation Costs