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Construction rental companies rely heavily on efficient management of their vehicles – and transported materials – in order to complete jobs on time and on budget. With PreCise™ Information Management, construction rental managers will have access to accurate and timely data including the location and activities of all their vehicles. This information will help managers greatly improve many efficiencies for their construction rental fleets so they can better manage billable hours, preventative maintenance, monitor equipment movement, workers traveling between sites, etc. With PreCise, you can collect and analyze key data points making it easy to:

  • Manage the on-time arrival of material shipments and equipment at work sites
  • Receive frequent updates on workforce locations and activities
  • Monitor and predict preventative maintenance issues
  • Know that workers, materials and equipment are where they need to be
  • Compare schedule document with actual arrival and departure times
  • Minimize unauthorized use of vehicles

With PreCise, you’ll know:

 What were my construction vehicles doing?

  • Locations/speed
  • Track stop/start times
  • Drive time/idle time
  • Engine hours
  • And more

What were my loaders doing?

  • Hydraulic pressure
  • Engine hours/temperature
  • Location
  • And more

What were my generators doing?

  • Run time
  • Location
  • Engine hours
  • And more