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Because PreCise™ Information Management gives you immediate access to complete and accurate vehicle data, you can easily maximize efficiency and performance by increasing your operation’s overall productivity. Here’s how:

Reduce fuel costs
  • View miles driven, engine hours, idle time
  • Minimize unauthorized side trips or after-hours vehicle use
  • Identify inefficient engine operation
  • Help you monitor fuel conservation policies
  • Reduce emissions/greenhouse gases

Improve customer service
  • Better estimating of arrival and duration on location
  • More efficiently deploy/redeploy service teams and vehicles to where they will be most effective

Improve payroll accuracy
  • Know exactly when the service team arrived at the customer location and when they left
  • Know when the service team started working and when they stopped

Increase fleet safety
  • Know when your vehicles are being tampered with – theft and misuse prevention
  • Drive down insurance costs by demonstrating safe driving habits
  • Eliminate personal/unauthorized vehicle use

Control maintenance costs
  • Plan for what vehicle resources you need
  • Create custom preventative maintenance schedules
  • No more missing maintenance windows
  • Schedule technicians when equipment is not running
  • Maximize equipment uptime
  • Prepare a more accurate maintenance budget for the year
  • Keep your equipment running safely and effectively

Eliminate paperwork
  • No need for driver logs
  • No more manual information transfers
  • Simplifies end-of-the-day process
  • Easy-to-download, easy-to-understand web reports

Increase accuracy of information
  • No more guesswork
  • Detailed documentation available for implementation
  • Information automatically collected
  • Helps eliminate human error in data entry and collection 

Reduce fuel costs

Increase fleet safety

Eliminate paperwork