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Service fleets are no different that any other fleet owners. They want to minimize costs, maximize profits, yet never compromise customer satisfaction. In order for service fleets to be fast, safe and profitable, operations must run more efficiently. With PreCise™ Information Management, you can collect and analyze key data points, making it easy to:

  • Reduce fuel consumption costs by managing excessive idling and wasted trips
  • Drive down insurance costs by demonstrating safe driving habits
  • Reduce vehicle wear and tear and vehicle downtime with scheduled maintenance service calls
  • Monitor exact time of arrivals and departures which improves payroll accuracy
  • Identify when vehicles are being tampered with which deters theft and misuse

With PreCise, you’ll know:

What were my service fleet vehicles doing?

  • Arrival and departure times
  • Mileage
  • Location/speed
  • Fuel consumption/costs
  • And more