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It happens daily. Utility companies are continually pressured to provide better and faster services to their customers. However, they often struggle in their efforts to minimize costs in order to maximize profits. Utility managers need accurate knowledge to improve job efficiencies, remain competitive and retain customer loyalty. With PreCise™ Information Management, you can collect and analyze key data points making it easy to:

  • Simplify routing and scheduling via regularly updated reports detailing vehicle locations and exact arrival and departure times
  • Optimize equipment assets with reports alerting you when your vehicles require maintenance checks
  • Secure fuel tax advantages for non-highway, as well as interstate operation
  • Increase driver and dispatch productivity through a more accurate work log
  • Eliminate manual data entry and vehicle activity guesswork
  • Increase safety by monitoring irregular driving patterns and unauthorized stops

With PreCise, you’ll know:

 What were my utility vehicles doing?

  • Location
  • Routes covered
  • MileageFuel usage/costs
  • Vehicles available
  • Unplanned stops

What were my lift trucks doing?

  • Arrival/departure times
  • Hydraulic lift usage/measurement
  • Safety lights on/off
  • Location
  • And more