Job Rentals and Sales.
Louisville, Kentucky

Case Study:

Lance Mix is the rental manager at Job Rentals & Sales, a Kentucky-based company which primarily rents heavy-duty earth moving equipment to customers in and around Louisville. His rental equipment can cost as much as $150,000 per piece, and rental fees can be as much as $17,500 per month. Nevertheless, Lance felt he was losing significant revenue.


Lance needed to increase his profitability by finding a way to decrease lost revenue due to inaccurate usage reports and subsequent rental charges.


With PreCise Mobile Resource Management installed on his construction rental equipment, Lance was able to review and analyze accurate, timely and specific vehicle activity reports to help him understand his vehicles’ job site use and performance. By using PreCise, Lance was able to realize clear benefits.

  • More Accurate Billing: Customers were using the equipment before the rental period started and after it ended. PreCise allowed Lance to show them actual equipment usage. As a result, Job Rentals & Sales was able to bill more accurately. “Sometimes customers forget when they used the equipment,” said Lance. “PreCise makes it easy for me to remind them.”
  • Increased Equipment Up-time: A better record of equipment usage allowed Lance to more effectively and proactively schedule preventative maintenance, which resulted in longer equipment life, fewer field repairs and reduced service times.
  • Reduced Service Time: PreCise lets Lance know exactly where the equipment is. If repairs or field maintenance is required, PreCise provides accurate maps of the equipment’s location so service techs can find the equipment and get it back to work, fast.
  • Better Customer Service: Thanks to PreCise, Lance is able to better react to his customers’ needs. For instance, he can provide equipment usage reports to his customers to help them make better decisions on when to remove equipment from the job. In fact, Lance’s customers have asked to review PreCise reports to gain a better understanding of performance and efficiency on their job sites.

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