Product Details


The IX-40 is a simple, yet feature rich mobile resource management solution designed specifically for plug-and-play installation and accurate data acquisition at a competitive price. It provides discreet, easy to install tracking for any vehicle or equipment with an available 12 volt accessory power receptacle.  The IX-40 is an ideal solution for resource and asset tracking where an OBD-II or hardwired installation is not practicable, such as contractor vehicles.

• 12 Volt Accessory Power Receptacle Interface

• Packet Data 3G GPRS, HSPA and SMS-based Messaging

• Internal Cellular and GPS Antennas

• Super Sensitive GPS (-162 dBm tracking)

• Low Power Sleep Mode

• 3-Axis Accelerometer for Driver Behavior and

Impact Daetection

• Voltage Monitoring and Low Battery Notification

• Exception-Based Rules

• Automatic, Over-the-Air Unit Configuration

• Over-the-Air Firmware Download

• Web-Based Device Management