Professional Services

PreCise MRM specializes in services AVL (Automated Vehicle Location or Telematics) for Esri GIS technologies and integrating GIS with activity based systems like Cityworks, Infor/Hansen, and Lucity.  PreCise MRM has a highly skilled services team dedicated to making our customer’s GIS deployment and integration with existing systems successful through the following services:

Strategic Planning

PreCise MRM has a long history of providing high-level GIS Strategic Planning services to state, county, and municipal governments, as well as utilities. These services are of value when an agency has a need for integration of AVL, GIS and their EAM (Hansen, Lucity, or Cityworks) technologies across one or more departments, has new GIS initiatives they are considering, or need GIS data development. PreCise MRM also provides planning as it related to Enterprise Integration with regards to Telematics/AVL data and other systems such as Esri, Fleet Management Systems and Asset/Work Management Systems. PreCise MRM will provide a high-level review of strategic business objectives and assessment of its major geographic and enterprise business system investments.  Typically, we focus on what needs to be built and maintained across separate departmental operations to create improved asset and work activity management.

Business Analysis

An agency often becomes more efficient and adopts significantly different workflows when automating their GIS map and work activity data. To ensure that our clients are successful implementing these technologies, PreCise MRM provides requirements, business processes, and best practices consulting. We follow a standard methodology for identifying business requirements and developing workflows with formats that are easy for our clients to use and understand. Often our workflows and requirements include data and work activities housed in Cityworks, Lucity, Infor-Hansen and GIS, incorporating both systems as part of one workflow. Mobile assets (e.g., Vehicles) and Fixed assets (e.g., valves/hydrants) GIS data are often utilized in EAM based workflows. A clear definition of requirements and data workflows ensures that our clients understand and will be satisfied with the final results.

Data Services and Design

A key part of GIS and EAM (Cityworks, Infor-Hansen or Lucity) integration services includes data assessment, design, migration planning, quality control, and go-live planning. Data services are a critical component of a successful AVL/GIS/EAM integration. This work involves evaluating the data used in the AVL/PreCise MRM database, EAM and in GIS to create data improvement and data maintenance plans so that the systems remain synchronized. We provide clarity and achieve buy-in, oftentimes across agency departments, identifying who owns and updates data, and how these changes are reflected across the organization.

Software Solution Development

For agencies that need to streamline their workflows and better utilize their enterprise data, PreCise MRM provides custom software solutions to meet their business needs.  Sometimes these services involve improving and extending in-house solutions built by the agency, and sometimes they include new custom solutions built entirely by PreCise MRM. Our solutions typically focus on one of four possible “platforms”: web-based viewing tools, SaaS/IoT, desktop mapping tools for “super users”, and field/mobile solutions.

Implementation Methodologies

PreCise MRM has been implementing GIS-based, AVL and EAM software solutions for many years, and has developed a standardized method for deploying solutions in large and small enterprises. Our standardized method involves: the use of detailed check-lists, agenda templates customized for each phase of implementation, software installation, configuration, testing, and go-live. Throughout the process we develop associated collateral to document each step of the implementation, so our clients have a complete record of what has been done on their systems.

Technology Transfer

PreCise MRM has provided numerous technology transfer programs, including certified Esri classes, custom Enterprise GIS Management workshops and AVL/GIS/EAM solution training.  Many of these programs involved detailed training around the implementation of one or more software solutions. Our technology transfer is customized for the different types of users that are part of a successful AVL, GIS and EAM (Cityworks, Info-Hansen and Lucity) integrated system. This sometimes includes management seminars, GIS training for Esri “super users”, and more introductory training for field users or front desk users.PreCise MRM can provide training to GIS staff on the AVL data integration with their Esri systems or if PreCise MRM is hosting the GIS, then PreCise MRM can provide training on the use of Esri maps/data to management and supervisors.